Personal Information

Name Bony Irawan, S. Pd., M. Pd.
Place & Date Of Birth Sijunjung, 14 February 1988
ORCID ID 0000-0002-1651-7536
Course Delivery Marine Biology, Conservation of Marine and Coastal Environment, English for Biology, Educational Psychology, Learning Evaluation, Ethnopedagogy
Topics of Interest Biology education, Environment education and conservation
SINTA ID 6005586.
G Scholar Profile

Recent Research Experience

No Year Research Topic Fundings
Source Grant funds
1 2016 Ocean Literacy profile of pre service teacher at
Universitas Maritim Raja Ali Haji and
exploration of its improvement efforts
(Profil dan upaya peningkatan literasi kelautan mahasiswa calon guru biologi di Universitas Maritim Raja Ali Haji)
Ministry of
technology, and
higher education
research grant
Rp. 20.000.000.
2 2017 Biodiversity of seagrass in Bintan Island Self funded Rp. 1.000.000.
3 2018 Development of Ocean Literacy test instrument for high school student in Indonesia UMRAH young
lecturer grant
Rp. 10.000.000.
4 2019 Technological pedagogical content knowledge of biology teachers in Tanjungpinang Self funded Rp. 2.000.000.
5 2019 Discovering local wisdom and ethnoscience of Riau Islands Malay Within the Context of
Ocean Literacy
(Mengungkap kearifan lokal dan etnosains masyarakat melayu kepulauan riau untuk
pengayaan khazanah literasi kelautan)
Ministry of
technology, and
higher education
research grant
Rp. 18.745.000.
6 2019 Biodiversity and biological significance of Natuna wetland as Indonesian Ramsar Site candidate Department of
Foreign Affairs or
Rp. 170.00.000.
7 2020 High impact collaborative project based learning design for Conservation Education Course Self funded Rp. 7.000.000.

Scientific Publication

Year Type of Publication Title of Publication
2014 National Seminar on Science Education; Faculty of Science, State University of Padang Analysis of Character Building Content in the
Science Subject of The 2013 Curriculum,
Textbook and Teacher Performances.
2014 International Conference on Teacher Education; Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia – University Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Malaysia Analysis Of Scientific Attitude Building
Indicators On The 2013 Curriculum Official
Science Textbook
2016 National Seminar on Science; Semirata BKS-PTN Barat Bidang MIPA 2016, Sriwijaya University Problems And Challenges In Teaching Human
Reproductive System In Religious School
2018 Pedagogi Hayati Journal, No 2 Volume 1, 2018 Ocean Literacy Framework for Marine
Themed Biology and Science Education in
Archipelagic Nation
2018 International Conference on Science and Technology;
Semirata BKS PTN Barat 2018, Universitas Sumatera Utara
Profile of Biology Student’s Ocean Literacy: A
Case Study at a Maritime University in
Archipelagic Region
2018 Jurnal Kiprah, Volume VI No 2, 2018. Development of a Standardized Ocean Literacy
Test Instrument for Senior High School Level
2019 International Scientific, Educational, and Technological Conference;
Universitas Islam Negeri Walisongo, Universitas Negeri Semarang; Semarang
Identification Of Ethnobotany And Indigenous
Science In The Making Of Perahu Mutur In
2019 Pedagogi Hayati Journal Volume 3 No 2 Tahun 2019 Kearifan Lokal dan Etnosains Dalam Kegiatan
Berkarang Dan Menyondong Ikan Di Pulau


Title Publication
ISBN Publisher
Buku Ajar Biologi Laut
(Marine Biology Course Textbook)
October 2016 978-602-6770-18-9 UMRAH Press
Buku Ajar Etnopedagogi
(Ethnopedagogy Textbook)
October 2019 978-602-5603-40-2 UMRAH Press
Natuna Wetland As Indonesian Ramsar Site
January 2020 978-602-5603-488 UMRAH Press

Intellectual Property Rights

Title Registration Date Registration Number Rights Holder
Buku Ajar Etnopedagogi 19 December 2019 EC00202019911076 Bony Irawan

Community Services Record

No Year Target of Community
Theme and topic
1 2016 Biology teacher
assembly (MGMP) of
Tanjungpinang City
Training on conducting and writing classroom
action research at MGMP Biologi, Tanjungpinang
2 2016 Students of SMP Negeri 12 (Junior High School) Tanjungpinang Revitalization of malay heritage and local wisdom
through ethnopedagogy discourse in SMP Negeri
12 Tanjungpinang
3 2016 Science teacher assembly (MGMP) of
Kota Tanjungpinang
Training on processing and producing herbarium
for Tanjungpinang junior high school science
4 2017 Suku Laut (sea folk) of Teluk Sebong, Bintan Assistance on mangrove conservation effort at
Suku Laut (sea folk) village, Teluk Sebong, Bintan
5 2017 Mangrove Conservation Mangrove Planting and Conservation Education,
Planting of 1000 mangrove seedlings, Berakit,
6 2018 Children of Mantang
Public education and counseling on future and
higher education for children at Mantang Island.
7 2018 Mangrove Conservation Mangrove Planting and Conservation Education,
Planting of 1500 mangrove seedlings, Malangrapat
8 2018 Mangrove Conservation And Public Education Mangrove Planting and Conservation Education,
Planting of 2000 mangrove seedlings, Malangrapat Bintan News Coverage:
9 2018 Teachers of SMA Negeri 6 Tanjungpinang Training on using mobile learning management
system (LMS) for SMA Negeri 6 Tanjungpinang
10 2019 Biology teacher assembly (MGMP) of
Tanjungpinang City
Training on developing instructional design and
learning media for MGMP Biologi of Tanjungpinang
11 2019 Mangrove Conservation and Conservation Seminar Mangrove Planting and Conservation Education,
Planting of 2500 mangrove seedlings, Sungai
Carang, Tanjungpinang
News Coverage: